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Return / Refunds Policy

  • Maizey’s shall return Goods or refund customers in accordance with Sections 20, 55 and 56 of the CPA and Maizey’s Returns/Refunds Policy is set out below.

  • For purposes of this clause, a ‘defect’ constitutes any material imperfection in the manufacture of the Good/s or any characteristic of the Good/s which makes the Good/s less acceptable than one would reasonably be entitled to expect in the circumstances.

  • Goods may not be returned unless the incorrect Goods have been supplied or the Goods are damaged or faulty upon delivery. In such an instance Maizey will exchange the Goods on condition that:
    • the Goods are returned in their original condition, including packaging, documentation, warranty cards, manuals and accessories;
    • the User returns the Goods within 10 (ten) business days of receipt and confirms same by sending a written notice to Maizey.

  • Should the Goods be defective at the time of delivery to the User, the User must please notify Maizey within 3 (three) days by logging a return with Maizey. The defective Goods will be collected from the User at no charge. Once Maizey receives the Goods, it shall, subject to clause 8.5 and clause 8.6 (see Terms & Conditions), take reasonable steps to repair/replace the Goods as quickly as possible (if such a repair is possible/if Maizey has the same product in stock with which to effect a replacement). If repair and/or replacement is not possible, Maizey will inform the User and Maizey shall refund the purchase price within 30 (thirty) days thereof.

  • The following will NOT be regarded as defects and will not entitle the User to a return under this clause:
    • faults resulting from normal wear and tear;
    • damage arising from negligence, user abuse or incorrect usage of the product;
    • damage arising from electrical surges or sea air corrosion;
    • damage arising from a failure to adequately care for the product;
    • damage arising from unauthorised alterations to the product;
    • bespoke Goods, created on instructions of the User;
    • any damage whatsoever caused to the Goods in any manner howsoever arising by the third-party authorised to collect the Goods, as contemplated in clause 7.1.2 in our Terms and Conditions.
    • where the specifications of Goods, although accurately described on the Website and generally fit for its intended purpose, do not suit the User.

  • Notwithstanding the aforegoing provisions of this clause 8, the User acknowledges that where the User purchases the Goods and instructs Maizey to modify such Goods to meet the specific requirements and/or to conform to the specifications of the User (“Modified Goods”), that the User shall have no right to return such Modified Goods to Maizey in respect of this clause 8 after the User has paid for such Good/s and instructed Maizey to implement the modifications, save for instances where Maizey has failed to implement the modifications/specifications in accordance with the written instruction of the User. In light of the aforegoing provisions of this clause 8.8, the User acknowledges that Maizey will only carry out modifications and/or conform to the specifications of the User based on the written information provided by the User and the User warrants that such information is full, final true and correct. Maizey shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss or damages which might arise from modifying the Goods on the written instruction of the User where the information provided by the User is not full, final true and/or correct and the User hereby indemnifies Maizey against any such direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss or damages which might arise in such instances.